Learning materials

The PECCS materials consists of 9 chapters:


Initiation systems,

Blasting theory and design,

Blasting geology,

Drilling and Machinery,

Blasting close to existing structures,

Contour blasting,


and Health and Safety

These materials are for level 4-5 EQF – for shot-firers with previous experience and certification.

The PECCS materials are now available for Education entities, Universities and regulative authorities, who are connected with the processes of certifying or training shot-firers.

For more information write to us: www.shotfirer.eu

The materials were put together by different authors in Europe, starting with the ESSEEM project in 2008 to 2010, under the leadership of The Norwegian Tunnelling Association (NFF). The project was mainly financed by EC through the Norwegian Leonardo da Vinci program. NFF reorganised the ESSEEM Power Point Programs in 2012 and presented it in Zandvoort, Netherlands in 2013 where teachers and representatives from 24 European countries were present. That audience expressed that they wanted EFEE to continue with the education project.

The ESEEM project ended with a result of 1200 slides of materials, collected from highly appreciated specialists, authors and teachers from Europe. To make this material more comprehensible, NFF organised and funded the work to reorganise the material. The results of all this work were presented in Zandwoort, Netherlands, in 2013 for the representatives from 23 countries. The idea behind a more universal training means to harmonise the levels of shot-firer knowledge and competences in Europe was greatly welcomed, but it was also acknowledged that there’s still a lot of work to do.

In 2016 the project for PECCS started. For three years, intensive work was carried through by partners from 8 different countries to create the PECCS outcomes, and in 2019 the project ended. In 2020 a PECCS test training course was organised in Sweden. For 7 days, shot-firers, teachers and specialists used the PECCS materials, studied them from inside out and even went through exams, based on these materials.

At this time, the Pan-European Competence Certificate for Shot- firers and Blast designers is created for those, who already have experience as a shot-firer and who already hold a national shot-firer certificate. According to the European Qualification Framework, the PECCS certificate is for level 4-5. And those shot firers, who have passed the PECCS course and received the Attendance certificate, will be able to apply for a full PECCS Certificate from EFEE.

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